The main subject of the 12th Colloquium on Roman Provincial Art International Colloquium Corpus Signorum Imperii Romani / Roman stone sculpture”

Dating of the stone monuments and criteria for determination of chronology

Other subjects are

  • Representations of women and family
  • Recent finds

The objectives of the 12th Colloquium focus on the following aspects

  • To offer all Roman World specialists:
    • Direct knowledge of the main and other subjects to be dealt with and their discussion points.
    • A high-level educational opportunity for students in the process of specialisation.
    • Making point on the subject of the dating of the stone monuments and criteria for determination of chronology.
    • The creation of a body of reflection on the phenomenon of representations of women and family in Roman Art.
    • Presentation of the newest archaeological finds and scientific results in a brief and informative way.
    • Providing the opportunity for scholars to exchange research experiences and to plan future scientific projects.
  • To publish the proceedings of the 12th Colloquium on Roman Provincial Art which will serve as a reference for the most prestigious international universities and research centres.
  • To focus interest for the rich archaeological heritage and scientific work of the Archaeological Museum of Istria through organising an international scientific conference on Roman Provincial Art, with the participation of the most highly qualified experts in a subject of great importance and current relevance for the historical analysis of the Roman World.
  • To give an impetus to the development of studies on Roman Art in Pula and Istria and in the wider geographical region.
  • To improve acceptance and understanding of archaeological heritage and Roman Art in the local and regional social context.